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When we adjust to people, we may fear being fake or inauthentic. Here's how to be real X

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In the quest of as authentic we can, some of us may fear we come across as fake in our interactions with people.

Maybe we feel like we’re masquerading and acting sometimes - that we have to say and do certain things just to get a response, or to please people.

In every human interaction, there is a level of adjustment to people, because all of us have a different chemistry, a different sense of humour and even different levels of sensitivity. It's not inauthentic when we tap into our emotional intelligence to think before we speak, to read emotions and body language to create the best interactions possible with people.

Yet for some of us, it can be hard to know where the trying ends and the masquerading begins, and that's where the feeling of inauthenticity comes in.

The main difference between being real and being fake when talking to people lies in our intentions - if we have good intentions, then every action is just a way to convey that intention. We have to be aware that there's always two intentions when we talk to people - there's a surface intention, and there's an intention of the heart. If you're in sales, your surface intention is to sell, but your intention of the heart could be that you care about people's experiences, or that you don't care at all as long as they buy.

The former will have us trying to connect with people, and the latter will have us saying anything to please people.

As long as we know our intentions, there's no fear of not being authentic, because even if you have to put on different hats to connect with different people, your good intentions remain the same.

Don't be afraid that you’re not ‘yourself’ when you're making an effort with people, because there are many different aspects of us that we can tap into, different elements we can bring out depending on who we talk to.

We don't have to define ourselves to be an extrovert or introvert, to be this sort of person or that sort of person. Don't let who you think you are hold you back from who you can be, and it’l be easier to be authentic, and be happy, always.

Xandria Ooi, Happiness VLOG
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