How To Be Happy Always - Happiness Vlog

My life and my relationships changed when I became a better version of myself. I've always wanted to be a better person, but it only happened when I decided to make a conscious effort to practice what it means to be a truly happy person. X

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Happiness isn’t just a feeling, happiness is a skill. And like any other skill, it serves us for a lifetime.

So many people have asked me if it's possible to "be happy always”, and the answer can be extremely simple or incredibly complicated, because it's never a fixed answer. It doesn't matter what I believe in or the whole world believes in, what matters is what you believe in. 

And here's the thing - Maybe it doesn't matter as much as to whether it's possible to be happy always. Maybe it matters much more whether we want it to be possible. Because that's all that matters isn't it? If we want something to be true, if we want something to be possible, then we'll strive for it.

And the funny thing is that happiness has always been ours, it's just that there are so many external factors blocking our access to it - a difficult upbringing, a broken heart, a betrayal, the struggle to make ends meet, the desire for acceptance, the inability to communicate our thoughts and wishes, the uncertainty of what we want to do with our life, the fear failing, the conflicts with our families and so, so many more. 

Our problems may all be different, but the process of how we can handle situations positively is very similar. Because the truth is that before we can even try to change the situation, before we can even try to change other people, we need to work on ourselves.

I’ve spent the majority of this year working on building a 30 day happiness program, something that can be used in real life situations, not just theory and inspiration, because I think inspiration and motivation only gets us started, but it’s the actual doing that gets us to where we want to go.

I have always been driven to be a better person because I wanted to be a better daughter, to be a more kind and patient person, someone I would be proud of.

My main motivation was to have an amazing relationship with my mom, with my husband and my family. But what was stopping me was my natural-character, I was impatient, moody and even harsh at times. I realised that if I wanted to be a better person, I couldn’t just wait for it to happen, I had to DO something about it. So over the past few years, I’ve made an extreme conscious effort to be more aware of myself, to be able to rise above my negative emotions and to always be a positive and happy person (not just with friends and on good days, but with family and even on bad days).

I’ve created this program based on my experiences of how my life has changed. On the outside, I look like the same person, but on the inside and most important of all, with the people I love, I was a better person. I’m able to be a kinder person, a more patient person and that has helped me so much in all my relationships.

I've grown because of the conscious practice I put in each day, and I’ve put every effort into sharing what I’ve learned over the past few years into this 30 day happiness program. 

If you want to do the program yourself or encourage a friend or family member who you think will benefit from this, you can go to to find out of what the program can do for you.

I hope that this happiness program and all its practices will serve you as they have helped me, and that you’ll enjoy every single day of the 30 Day journey. It is possible to be happy, always, if we make it happen. I’ve done it. And so can you. Be happy, always!

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