How To Be Nice Without Being Taken Advantage Of - Happiness Vlog

Being a nice person doesn't mean people can take advantage of you. Here's why!

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Are you so nice that people take advantage of you?

Nice people do have people who try to take advantage of them, but the thing is, nobody can take advantage of us if we don’t let them.

Being nice doesn’t mean being powerless and bullied. Being nice isn’t about having no preference or an opinion and it doesn’t mean being okay with everything.

That’s not being a nice person, that’s being a robot.

For example, if someone slaps you being a nice person doesn’t mean standing there and letting them slap you again. If you’re in a relationship with someone who constantly puts you down, being a nice person doesn’t mean not standing up for yourself.

If you always pay for someone during meals and they never ever once offer to pay, you can choose to split the bill the next time. Being a nice person doesn’t mean feeling obliged into doing something unhappily

and then complaining afterwards about people taking advantage.That’s not niceness or generosity, that’s passive-aggressiveness.

It is only when we consistently let people get away with bad behaviour without addressing it that we feel being taken advantaged of.

When someone at work takes advantage of us, it has very little to do with us being a nice person and very much to do with our inability to say ‘no’and to communicate why.

The true problem is our mindset and our communication skills. When we feel taken advantaged of, it’s because we think we have ‘no choice’ but to keep quiet.

Being nice doesn’t mean not communicating our frustration or upset. It just means communicating without negativity or losing our temper.

There are many ways of saying one thing and we can choose to voice our discontentment and disagreement in a calm, rational and nice way.

And we can always choose to nicely disengage or exit a toxic environment.

People will only treat us badly if we let them. People will only take advantage of us if we let them. We can be a nice, a kind, warm, generous and open person without saying yes to things we’re unhappy about. Be nice and confident and smart, and be happy, always.
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