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Fit in yet stand out at the same time, in school and in life. Watch this X

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We want to fit in, yet we want to stand out. In school, or even after we’ve started working, the dynamics of any environment we’re in will always have an aspect of this.

In school, it’s no secret that the most popular girls are girls who are extremely pretty, girls who all the boys seem to like, and girls who seem to have a lot of people who want to be friends with them.

Yet, outside of school, the people who are the most popular aren’t the best looking, they are the ones who are the most attractive. The difference between the two lies in two things - Confidence, and charisma; both of which can be cultivated, even in school.

What is not evident in school but is extremely true, is that people who are good looking, people who are popular, are not necessarily the most confident. All you have to do to tell the difference, is to look at how they treat other people.

If someone popular is only nice to some people and not others, they come across as arrogant but if you think about it, it’s only someone who feels they don’t have the attention or love of their parents, or someone who feels like they have to be better than everyone to be worthy, who will behave that way.

These are traits that will not serve them kindly in the real world, where it takes true confidence and charisma to fit in and stand out at the same time.

How we can be popular not just in school, but also throughout the rest of our lives, is to work on how we feel about ourselves, and cultivate our behaviour towards other people.

When we truly like ourselves, it’ll show. And people gravitate towards people who are comfortable in their own skin. A huge part of charisma isn't just how we look, but how we make other people feel. If we have a genuine interest in people, and treat everyone equally, it’s incredibly attractive.

Confidence and charisma is something we can cultivate in school, where you don't measure yourself by how pretty you are or how many social media followers we have.

Be an attractive person, not merely good-looking or popular, and you’ll see that in life, that’s a recipe for success, where no matter where you go or what you do, you’ll be happy, always!


Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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