How To Be Recognised At Work (Work Happiness)

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If you work hard but feel like your efforts are not recognised, watch this! XO

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To Read:
No one is irreplaceable, so why work so hard if you’re just going to be replaced anyway?

Everyone is replaceable, but nobody wants to replace someone who is valuable.

Sometimes, we feel like we’re hardworking, or we feel like we are contributing to the company, yet we cannot understand why we’re not being rewarded or recognised to the level that we think we deserve.

This is because we’re used to looking at things from our own point of view. From the company’s perspective, it’s not about how good we think we are, it’s about how much value we contribute to the company.

Often, we don’t realise that it’s our defensiveness, or negative mindset, or our inability to solve problems that stops us from contributing value.

Sometimes, we do contribute value but we’re not consistent with it, which means sometimes we’re awesome and sometimes we let people down. And this lack of reliability does not make us valuable.

If we think we’re good but nobody can see our value, then instead of feeling frustrated that it’s unfair, perhaps we can look inwards to see where we can improve and whether we have to adjust our mindset and attitude.

It’s like being in a relationship - if we truly are such an awesome person, we’ll be able to leave the relationship if it’s not right for us and not worry about whether we’ll have problems meeting someone else. When you’re a person with so much value, people will want you.

The same goes with work. If we truly are someone valuable, we won’t be complaining about not being recognised - we know that we’ll be welcomed with open arms at many dynamic companies with great culture.

When we work, the goal isn’t to be recognised or rewarded, the goal is to be valuable, because when we’re valuable, the recognition and rewards will naturally come.

The moment we think, “Oh what’s the point, no use to try, I’m going to be replaced anyway”, that’s when we start going down the slippery slope of someone who really is replaceable, because anyone with this mindset isn’t going to be valuable.

No one is irreplaceable, but people will always gravitate towards where value is. That’s the natural order of things. So work on being valuable, and be happy, always!

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