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Do you reflect on how you can be better, or are you defensive? Watch this. X

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There is nothing more important in life than to be authentic, genuine and real. To stay true to ourselves. Not pandering to other people or pretending to be someone we're not. However, being true to ourselves doesn't mean being defensive. Being authentic doesn't mean resisting change.
It is entirely possible to be authentically us yet adjust to have better relationships with the people around us; and not just try adjust to the people we love but also adjust to the people we meet in any situation.
Sometimes we see adjusting as having to lose a part of ourselves, but adjusting is not giving anything up, it’s being intelligent enough to create the most ideal outcome. We don't lose anything except our ego, and that is a good thing because it's often our ego that stops us from making the best decisions for our happiness.
It is possible to be ourselves yet fine tune the various parts that we can possibly improve on; like patience, empathy, consideration or even simple things like being punctuality or having better manners. In any situation that's uncomfortable or challenging, we can either think "How can I handle this better?”, “How could I have responded to that better?" or we can think "Well, this is me and this is how I talk and think, so that’s that." One train of thought is reflective, and the other train of thought is defensive.
It is only when we stop trying to defend ourselves against the world, it is when we are not resistant to change that our authentic self emerges, because we are only truly ourselves when there’s no fear of losing our identity.
Wanting to be authentic means being very open to change, because that’s the only way to let ourselves grow, to be the best version of ourselves, and to be happy, always.

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