How To Be Truly Confident

What does it mean to have self-worth? Watch this! XO

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To Read:
What does being human mean?

Does being human mean we have to achieve certain successes, to amass a certain amount of power and money, be in a certain sort of relationship and have a certain kind of family?

Do having all these things and experiences make our life more valuable?

Or is being human already valuable?

We can spend our lives seeking our purpose and our identity just feel like our life is significant all the whilst not aware that by virtue of being human, we are already significant.

The human life is, and has always, been a gift. Of course it’s important to grow and improve as a person, but what’s also important to understand is that we don’t become more worthy - from the moment we are born, we are already worthy.

But it’s so hard for to see this, much less accept it. This is why we’re always seeking relevance, seeking acceptance, seeking respect - because at the core of us, we want to be seen. We want to matter. It makes us feel worthy. Even people who commit crimes are seeking something, something to make them feel better about themselves, to feel seen, to feel significant.

Society has sold us the idea that we need to be this and that to matter in life. This is why we feel so bad when work isn’t going well and feel so lost when relationships don’t work out. Because we feel like we’ve lost our sense of identity, we’ve lost our purpose of life. Who am I, without my career? Who am I, without my family?

You, are YOU. You are not your name card, and you are not just someone’s husband or wife or parent or kid. In life, we go through experiences, whether it’s a career experience, relationship experience, family experience or health experience. And what we experience is separate from who we are.

Yes, our character is defined by what we do, and we are shaped by our experiences. But our worth as a human being is never defined by anything external. The fact that you are born, means that you are already enough.

Being enough doesn’t mean we are perfect, it means that it is completely possible to grow and evolve as a human being without constantly attaching our self-worth to things and people.

It is only when we see our value and worth as a person that we stop seeking external validation and significance. This way, no matter what happens in life, we can truly be happy, always
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