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There are all sorts of people in this world... here's how we can remain unaffected by people who are difficult or rude. X

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There are all sorts of people in this world- entitled, ignorant, rude… and overall, just really contributing negativity to society.

But every single difficult person we come across... is our teacher.

They're showing us what we don't want to be, and also giving us an opportunity to practice all the virtues that we say we would like to embody.

It's easy to be nice and rational when talking to someone who’s nice and rational, but how we do behave when we're faced with someone who irritates and angers us?

If we're never tested, how do we measure if we're actually progressing as a person?

If we can look upon everyone we find difficult as someone who is teaching us something about ourselves then it’s so much easier to not take offense or to let go of anger.

However it is that someone behaves, as long as we do not behave the way do, and not let them affect us to the point of being less kind, less patient and less understanding…then we're meeting our own objectives - and that's to be awesome, in life and at work.

So the next time someone upsets us, we’ll just have to remember that it’s our opportunity to learn - what not to be, and what to practice more of. Then no matter who we interact with... we'll always retain our ability to be happy, always!

Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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