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They say a leopard can't change its spots... but can we change ourselves? Watch this X

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Change. We understand that the only constant in this world is change, but that's the kind of change we feel will happen regardless of what we do. We grow older, we fall in and out of love, we change jobs, relationships and hobbies.

The other kind of change - changing ourselves - is the sort of change we make happen - the kind of change we may feel is difficult. In fact, we may even think that it's impossible to change every aspect of ourselves; no matter how hard we try.

But that is not true. The power and the privilege of being human is that we CAN change any aspect of ourselves if we want to. The problem doesn't lie in whether it’s possible or not to change ourselves, the problem lies in our expectation of the results from our efforts to change.

Change is not a goal - change is a journey. So changing any aspects of ourselves that we don't like isn't like going to the hair salon, where we walk in with dark hair and come out with blue hair; that kind of change is obvious and instantaneous.

Changing ourselves is more like exercise. We don't go into the gym one day and walk out with a Six-Pack the next day. The change happens bit by bit, over time.

Changing ourselves can also carry a negative connotation - because obviously, we usually only want to change something that isn’t desirable.
So how we conduct the change in our lives is very important - do we try to change by fighting against who we are, or do we try to change by accepting who we are and then working on changing the aspects we would like to be better?

It's important to know the difference because the former is laced with frustrations and anger, hence why change can be perceived as impossible, and the latter is filled with love and encouragement, which allows us to slowly but surely change.

We CAN change any aspect of ourselves if we try hard enough, but more than that, if we try smart enough - and that is to cultivate the mindset that we change through acceptance and patience, not through fighting and expectations. This way, we'll see the power we have to create the changes we want to be happy, always.

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