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We get going when the going gets tough. Here's why discomfort can help us. X

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Life's tough. Or maybe life's so easy that the moment it gets difficult life seems so tough.

If we're used to a tough life, we wouldn't be waking up everyday thinking that it's difficult. We'd be used to the hardships, and we'd have trained ourselves to look for the things that can bring us joy, to make us happy. 

It is when our life has been one of ease, where we have the privilege of choice, that we also have the unfortunate privilege of being easily affected by discomfort. All it takes is a little pain, a little challenge, and we feel so affected that our emotions fluctuate up and down like a yo-yo.

How well we do in life isn't as simple as how much money we make, because how well we do is extremely linked to how fulfilled we are, and how fulfilled we are is highly dependent upon one simple thing - and that whether we feel like we're growing and progressing as a person, or are we still stuck in the same place and the same state in mind we were in 10 years ago?
How well we grow depends so much on our ability to handle discomfort. If the moment we feel pain we take painkillers, if the moment we break up we jump into another relationship - we are not letting ourselves grow.

If the moment we feel discomfort we need to ease it or feel miserable, then we'll never build the strength to be anything other than who we are today.

Life's tough, or maybe life's exciting. Your reality is up to you to define, and your journey is charted by no one but yourself. So here's to learning how to handle discomfort so that things don't affect us so easily, and so that we can be happy, always.
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