How To Get The Closure You Need

It's hard to be happy when we don’t have closure. I hope this helps XO

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To Read:
When a pain from our past is holding us back… the only way to get closure is to give it to ourselves.

Someone could have lied, hurt, betrayed us, but if we’re waiting around for the person to apologise, to see the error of their ways and to admit to how terrible they’ve behaved… then we are holding ourselves back from our happiness.

Someone’s apology or even their punishment isn’t going to erase what we went through.

The idea that other people can give us closure only serves to make us more powerless—why give more power to people who have already taken something away from us? Just like nobody can give us happiness, nobody can give us closure no matter how desperately we seek it, because closure is something only we can give to ourselves.

We find the closure we seek not from the person who caused us pain, but from understanding and having compassion for our own pain, and by choosing to let go of our suffering by letting go of our anger, hatred and blame.

When something has already happened to us, the most important thing to determine is “What actions can I take from here that brings me the closure I need, that ensures I’m safe and that helps me to live my life in a way that brings joy and happiness?

Why seek closure from the people who have hurt us? They cannot give us relief, they cannot take back what happened and even their apologies don’t have any power to change our life. They cannot give us anything that will add joy or happiness to our lives. Only WE can give ourselves the joy we deserve.

Just like how nobody can give us closure, nobody can give us what we deserve—because nobody can live our life for us. The best closure comes when we value our life enough to not let the anger of the past hold us back from the happiness of today. And that’s how we can be happy, always.
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