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We can love our parents, yet find it difficult to have a loving relationship with them. Watch this X

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It’s really hard to be a parent, because generally, it’s just really hard to be a human.

Everybody knows there are no instructional books on how to be a good parent, yet when our parents make mistakes or let us down, we expect our parents to know better, to make better decisions.

As we get older, as we become adult ourselves, it becomes easier and easier to clearly see our parents’ faults and weaknesses, so much so that it’s also easy to be resentful or angry at them - for not being there enough, for not being strong enough, for not being responsible enough, for not being behaving like the ‘adult’ in the relationship.

So even as we love our parents, it can be a struggle to have a loving relationship with them. There can be many things we can see our parents doing wrong, many things they shouldn’t have said or done, or could have said or done better.

It’s always difficult to realise that your parent isn’t a hero or that they can’t set inspiring examples or support and love us in the way we wish they would.

The thing is, parents don’t magically level up in self-awareness, maturity, wisdom just because they have kids. Many parents have challenges in their own lives that they cannot overcome. Some people are not skilled at managing their own emotions, and it spills over to affect their relationship with their children.

Parents just do the best they can. And sometimes their best disappoints or hurts us. The thing is, if we want to develop a good relationship with our parents, we cannot expect them to change. If we expect that, we’ll always feel disappointed, resentful or angry.

If we want to achieve to our objective having a good relationship with our parents, it is us who have to put in the effort to change any negative habitual way of speaking and reacting to them. And the only way to successfully do that is to drop our expectations of them.

The way to wonderful relationships is never about fairness, but about acceptance and adjustment. At the end of the day, only we can decide if the relationship worth the effort. Have no regrets, and be happy, always.

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