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We can only help someone to help themselves. Watch this X

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When it comes to family we love and friends we care about, there’s almost a compulsion to help them when they have difficulties.

However, when it comes to helping someone, it’s often the case that we can only help someone to help themselves.

We can be doing many, many things to help someone, like taking them to the hospital when they're sick or offering to ease their workload or take them on holidays to relieve their stress, but it is only the person themselves who can stop smoking so they don't fall sick. Only they can decide to not sweat the small stuff to lessen their anxiety and stress.

There are certain things we can do, but some things… only they can do.

This is why we can give someone advice and wonder why they don't take it. But just because we can clearly see that it is their mindset and their way of thinking that’s causing so much of their own suffering and distress that their mindset
is also impacting their relationships and their health… they don’t see it. That’s why they don't take the advice.

Whenever we cannot help ourselves, it is always because we cannot see a certain perspective to allows us to change our mindset. So for anyone who cares about us the only thing they can do is not give up on us. To just offer their love and support. That's what WE would want, and that's the best way to help someone we love and care about.

We can only ever try to help someone and we should never feel like a failure or feel guilty or frustrated that we’re not successful in our endeavour. We just continue doing our best whilst understanding that we can only help someone to help themselves be happy, always.

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