How To Keep Moving (Even When Not Motivated) - Happiness Vlog

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When you're not feeling motivated, you can still achieve your goals. Watch this! XO

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One of the best feelings in the world is motivation. We can be feeling so blah and dejected, but the moment we see an inspiring quote or watch a motivational video (like this one), we feel this surge of energy and optimism.

It’s great to be motivated and inspired to do something, but the one thing that people don’t really talk about when it comes to motivation is how addictive it gets. It sounds strange, but at the same time it’s also completely logical. Motivation is an emotion, and it’s such a feel-good emotion that we want to experience it over and over again.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but as we all know, our emotions aren’t consistent. The feeling of motivation is like any other emotion, it comes on strong, and then it just fades away.

Our emotions are so fleeting that we have to learn how to operate despite the emotion, and then we have to learn how to bring about the positive emotions we want.

Motivation pretty much operates the same way - we need to know how to still put in the actions even when we don’t feel motivated, and we need to learn how to create motivation when the feeling is absent.

The secret is to not want to be constantly motivated, but to instead focus on discipline.

Instead of spending our time and energy on how to be motivated, we can focus on being okay with doing things we don’t necessarily feel like doing because we know what our goal and objective is. And that takes discipline.

We can always be inspired, but we must be inspired into action, and to continue that action even when the motivation has disappeared.

I need to remind myself of this every time I feel like not doing something, or when I procrastinate. I want to just do things, and not think too much about how I feel about it.

We need to learn how to get unstuck when we feel like our feet’s in the mud, and we need to learn how to create our own happiness when we’re feeling negative.

I hope that this can also encourage you to just put in the actions to achieve your goals, no matter how routine, mundane or painful that action is sometimes.

Here’s to making our goals less reliant on motivation and more about getting things done, so that we can really be moving forward in life, and be happy, always.

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