How To Make This Year Awesome - Happiness Vlog

This is how to make sure that 2018 is an amazing year. Watch this! Xo

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These days, with social media, it’s so easy to let the concept of the ‘dream life’ drive how we feel. It can feel like our lives should be fun, exciting and cool. Anything outside of that… we feel like our life is just not as fulfilling as it can be.

A Navy SEAL officer, Jonathan Neal Grant, was in a horrific car accident last year and is now completely dependent upon others to do the simplest things in life, like standing, moving and showering.

It really puts into perspective what the 'dream life' means. When we have mobility, when we have our health... it always isn't enough. We want more. More success, more validation, more recognition, more love, more money, more holidays... just more.

Dreams and ambitions are always wonderful, but they can also be painfully destructive if we cannot be happy with our life right now. Then, we're always left with this feeling that we're missing out. We're waiting for our life to get better. We're looking into the horizon for our happiness.

This happens to the best of us - we get used to the concept of 'more is better' that we cannot be at peace or feel fulfilled if our lives are just 'normal'... if we're not ‘achieving’.

A new year always bring about new goals, but perhaps we can try moving away from the concept of goals.

Personally, I want to just embrace the doing. It doesn't matter as much whether I become healthier or fitter or richer or more successful. What matters is that today, I exercised. What matters is that today, I ate well. What matters is that today, I wasn't impatient and was loving.

That today, I lived well.

Today is all that matters, and when we put all our 'todays' together, it's going to take us on this journey that isn't about achieving but about really living life. It's not so much about this being an amazing year but about the amazing day we've had today.  

Make plans and have dreams but don't for one second postpone your happiness for something else you're achieving. Make it a point to wake up looking forward to the day, and to go to bed knowing that you’ve had a great day." Because that, is a great way to experience this new year. Be happy, always.

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