How To Move On And Move Forward - Happiness Vlog

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When something wonderful comes to an end... here's why we must move forward X

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When something amazing is about to end, or when it's over, don't be sad.

It’s always hard to imagine how life can ever be as bright when something wonderful comes to an end, like a relationship or a phase of our life. But what we're actually afraid of isn’t that it ends, the fear comes from the thought that we'll never get the experience this sort of happiness again.

It’s hard to move on, but if we see moving on as moving forward instead, it might make all the difference to how we experience the future.

Whilst it is true that we will never experience the same thing again, what is just as true is that we will definitely experience that feeling of joy, happiness and contentment, many times over in our future.

If, in your mind, you’re always thinking that the best is yet to come, then you’ll go through life having more and more amazing experiences. If you go through life feeling like you’ve left the best years behind, then all your experiences in the future will never be able to compare to what’s in your head.

Moving on isn't something we have to do, it's something that will happen with or without our consent. LIFE moves on, and we can either let it sweep us along unwittingly, or we can decide to explore what life has in store for us by moving forward.

After you’ve watched a great concert, you’re not sad that it ended, you feel thankful that you’ve had the chance to experience something so amazing.

Don't wish for something wonderful you've had in the past and don't be sad that you're not experiencing the joy you once had.

Every fun, every adventure and every delight that awaits us is very dependent upon whether we see the opportunity in every moment, or if we’re stuck in the past unable to be open to the new amazing things that come our way.

We never know what’s around the corner, so if we don’t know, why would we want to assume the worst, why not assume the BEST?

Look forward to each new day and the opportunity it brings, and decide to be happy, always!

Xandria Ooi, Happiness VLOG

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