How To Not Be Easily Provoked By People

Why is it that we can be so easily provoked by people? Watch this! XO

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To Read:
Every single human being is different, but there is one thing that most of us probably have in common - and that is the desire to be liked.

It's not that we need everyone to like us, it's that we have a need to be liked. There is a difference between the two.

Often, we genuinely don't need a person to like us, yet perhaps a huge part of us do need positive reinforcements from people to feel good.

This is why when people disagree with us, or when they brush our opinions off, or when they are frustrated or unhappy with us, we get so affected.

Even when we don't care about what people think of us, it’s very human to feel great discomfort at being disliked.

This is why even when we argue with someone and they apologise, we can still feel so dissatisfied; because the person's attitude shows that they don't think highly of us. It's clear that they have a negative opinion of us, and that affects us more than we realise. We can get the sense that we've lost even though we've technically "won" the argument.

It's almost as if people's negativity towards us makes us feel like we are not worthy of respect, that we're not significant or that we're doing something wrong... and we resent that.

This is why even as we try to not take things personally, we still get affected. Because it's not about whether the other person meant it to be personal , it's about whether you feel like it's personal.

If we find ourselves getting upset when interacting with someone, it really helps to look inwards to examine what we need to be feel liked, respected, significant and accepted. Because when we can identify what it is that we need to feel validated, we can understand why we are so easily triggered by some people and in certain situations. 

Our happiness has very little to do with other people. It is when we learn more about ourselves that it becomes easier to be happy, always.
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