How To Remove A Splinter

What happens if you leave a splinter in your skin for too long?

Splinters are a literal pain, removing them just causes more pain. But what happens if you leave a splinter in your skin?

You risk a dangerous infection. Since it's natural material, splinters carry bacteria and fungi. The risk is much less for pieces of glass, plastic, or metal.

Woods and thorns also have natural oils in them. The immune system sees this as a threat, inflaming the skin around it.

Staphylococcus is a common splinter-related infection. Keep an eye out for visible streaks on the skin, fever, or chills.

Tetanus is caused by Clostridium tetani, another risky bacteria. It can cause tightness of the jaw, stiff muscles, and fever.

The rule of thumb is: if you can see the splinter, try to remove it.

Be sure to use clean tweezers. Disinfect the wound once the splinter has been removed. Don't forget to bandage it to avoid infection.

Your immune system will thank you!

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