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Some people appear willing to learn, but they perform poorly. Here's why XO

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There’s a famous saying, “Hire character, train skill.”

It rings true in so many ways, but it can be easy to mistake someone’s personality for their character.

When someone is enthusiastic, good-natured and seems motivated, it’s indicative of their personality, not their character.

Some people appear very willing to learn - they nod their heads, agree with everything and is always gung-ho during meetings. By all intents and purposes, they should be performing brilliantly at work, but they end up producing rather poor results.

This is because a person can be extremely likeable because of their personality, but they can be ineffective as a colleague or in a team because they lack the strength of character to build up their skills at work.

Great character is normally defined as a willingness to learn. The problem is that it’s easy to mistake someone’s enthusiasm as a willingness to learn. A person’s character is not just determined by their enthusiasm or interest, it’s determined by their effectiveness.

For example, if you need a barista for your restaurant and you decide to hire someone who doesn’t know how to make coffee but appears willing to learn, you can quickly tell if they are indeed of that character.

Someone who is truly willing to learn will to be able to pick up the skills fairly quickly. This is because they can see that if a barista practices for 4 hours a day, they might have to put in 8 hours just so their skills can be at that same level.

When someone is passionate about something, they spend their free time trying to improve their skills in that area. They’re constantly experimenting and learning even outside of work.

Building a great personality and great character is equally important. It is when we are aware of how we can grow in both areas… that we can really stand out wherever we are, and we can go to work and be happy, always.


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