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You can't teach someone self-esteem, you show them what it means. Watch this! XO

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How do you teach children to be respectful, loving and intelligent adults?

Some things cannot be taught, they can only be experienced and then absorbed. We can learn something immediately or relatively fast, but we can only develop something over time, both positive and negative.

All of us develop the traits, thoughts and values we have not through the amount of time our parents spend with us, but through how our parents interact with us in that time.

For example, you can sit with someone every day to go through their homework, and by all accounts they should be very smart and confident and feel very loved.

But if you’re spending all these time with them being critical, short-tempered and domineering, then what they’ll develop as they grow up is fear, insecurity and an inability to express their emotions or rationalise decisions.

So what shapes a child isn’t so much what we teach them, it’s how we interact with them.

And that’s why teaching is so difficult - We have to be the kind of person who can let go of anger, judgement and hatred. The kind of person who aren’t driven by our ego or temper. We have to be the kind of person who knows how to work through problems without reacting emotionally. And it’s not easy being this kind of person.

This is parents who have raised the most wonderful human beings don’t necessarily have the highest education. They’re not surgeons or lawyers or entrepreneurs, they just happen to be brilliant at living life. And that comes through in the way they interact with their children.

And that’s how their children grow up with not just a mentor and role model, but a parent who has given them the gift of self-love and self-acceptance.

When you talk to young adults who are matured, kind, empathetic, funny and confident, it’s because they have a strong sense-of-self. And this kind of self-esteem isn’t something that can be taught logically, it’s something that they have to absorb into their belief system growing up.

The best kind of lessons we learn are the lessons we weren’t even aware we were learning. That’s how amazing parents can teach their child to be happy, always.

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