Humans With Real Superpowers Caught On Tape

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DESCRIPTION (250-400 words) :Are super heroes real? Are superpowers real? When we were little kids, fuelled by our imaginations, anything was possible. So, because of this, we naturally thought superpowers were a very real thing. As we get older, life sucks the imagination and optimism out of us. We get cynical and question everything we see. Good thing we have cameras and recorders to catch these following people displaying their superpowers. So, put away that skeptical adult and let out your inner-child as we show you 10 people and their powers which give us all hope that one day there really will be a Justice League.

Ahead you’ll see Michael Lotito, a regular looking guy who can pretty much chew his way through anything – and we do mean anything. Then there’s human crash-test dummy Rusty Haight. This guy’s body just doesn’t get hurt in car crashes. If you need a code cracked or a mathematical formula solved then we should point you in the direction of human calculator Shakuntala Davi. What would a super hero force be without someone to work under the waves? We’ll introduce you to Sulbin, a fisherman who can hunt under the water for several minutes at a time without any breathing aids. Then there’s Jyothi Raj. This guy puts Spiderman to shame as he scales pretty much anything with the speed and agility of a monkey. If you need someone to harness the power of electricity then go no further than Slavisa Pajkic. This human battery can have so much electricity flowing through him that it cooks a hotdog – but not him. With incredible samurai skill and super-human reflexes, Isao Machii can actually slice a bullet out of the air with his katana. Then there’s Liew Thow Lin, an elderly man who is a real life Magneto. Yes, all sorts of metal objects stick to Liew seemingly regardless of weight. If you’re operating in the arctic or Polar Regions, you’ll need the powers of Wim Hof. This Dutchman feels no cold and can endure temperatures that would leave the rest of us unconscious without experiencing even a shiver. Finally, there’s Ben Underwood. A human bat, Underwood is blind but can ride a bike and avoid any obstacle thanks to his echo-location technique. It’s all pretty incredible.

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