HYPE! Every Spring 2021 Anime Worth Watching! | AOT Follow Up, My Hero Academia Season 5, Isekai

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HYPE! Every Spring 2021 Anime Worth Watching explained by Foxen | Anime recommendations
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The Best Spring Anime 2021
Foxen lists off his anime Must Watch Spring Anime 2021 recommendations
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Spring anime 2021 Suggestions
My Hero Academia Season 5 (Bones Studio)
Don't Bully me Nagatoro
How not to Summon Demon Lord S2
Shadows House (Cloverworks)
Zombieland Saga Revenge (Zombieland Season 2) - Mappa
I've been Killing Slimes for 300 years (Isekai Anime)
I Shaved then brought a Highschool girl home
Dynazenon (SSSS.Dynazenon) - Trigger
Combatant will be Dispatchers (Konosuba Author)
Slime Dairies (Slime Isekai)
Nomad Megalo Box Season 2
Way of House Husband (Netflix)
86 Eighty Six (A1 Pictures)
Mini Dragon (Dragon Maid shorts) - Kyoto ANimation
Full Dive
To Your Eternity
Tokyo Revengers

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Watch Dragon Maid's Mini Dragon on Kyoto Animation Youtube channel

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