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Some people are awful. Does that justify our own negative behaviour? Watch this! XO

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Eh, how can you not be angry? You mean you’re just going to let them get away with it, ah?
Eh, people already treat you like sh**, what for you want to be so nice?

Sometimes, we can be misled by our own ego into thinking that in order to solve a problem or achieve an objective, we have to be the worst version of ourselves.

In our mind, we believe that we are a nice, wonderful, sweet and kind person, and it’s just that in this situation we are justified to behave in ways that we wouldn’t “normally behave".

This is similar to saying, “I’m normally a nice person, it’s just that your behaviour left me no choice but to be nasty.”

This is us being purposefully blind to our own negative behaviour, because we feel like we’re standing up for something “right”.

But how can 2 wrongs make a right? It doesn’t make sense.

Many of us can be deluded into believing that we are a nice person even when we are behaving like the worst version of ourselves. We feel like our behaviour is “necessary”, and in doing so we absolve ourselves of responsibility of our actions.

Other people’s bad behaviour does not justify our own. We don’t have to let other people bait us into behaving just like them, or let our own ego trick us into justifying our negative behaviour.

And here’s the truth, even if we think it’s right to unleash the worst version of ourselves, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to help us solve the problem we face at hand. In fact, the opposite is true—it is when we are not consumed by rage or righteousness that we are of a better frame of mind to take strategic action to stand up for ourselves and to solve problems.

Being angry, mean and unkind is the least skillful way to solve problems and often we just end up making it worse. It is when we learn how to overcome life’s challenges positively that we’re able to be happy, always.

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