I Don't Need You Anymore - Happiness Vlog

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We can love someone so much, yet it's still not enough for the person. This is why XO

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Why is love so fleeting?

How is it that someone can show you so much care and genuine affection, but distance themselves away the next moment?

How is it that someone can tell you they love you, yet discard you for the next person as if you were rubbish?

When someone doesn’t know how to love us, it’s because they need something that we cannot give. And we can’t ever give people what they need because everyone can only fill their own gaps in life.

We cannot make someone love us. And it hurts when we’ve given so much of ourselves yet it’s still not enough for the person. When we’re ‘not enough for the person’, it’s not because we’re not enough as a person. We have to know the difference between the two.

So many of us believe that love is when someone needs us, and we take almost a personal pride to being able to make someone happy. It feels good to be that person who can be ‘enough’ to make someone happy, but that’s not possible. We can only bring joy to someone’s life, we cannot create joy for them.

Love is not about how much someone needs us. When someone needs us, it’s not really love, it’s a compliment to our ego.

If we equate love with how much someone can’t live without us, then we will feel extremely destroyed and rejected when they can live without us.

We cannot be someone’s happiness. We cannot be someone’s light. The most we can do, is bring our own happiness and light wherever we go. Love doesn’t make us happy, love accepts who we are and helps us find our own way to be happy, always.


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