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When we hate on others, it's a sign of unhappy we are about ourselves. Here's why X

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Don’t make fun of other people, not because it’s wrong or bad, but simply for the fact that it’s a reflection of how unhappy or insecure we are about ourselves.

We put people down and laugh at them because it privately gives us a sense of relief - like an assurance that we are worthy and have value.

But if we dare to examine further, all the criticism, hatred and negativity we have for people, are all the criticism, hatred and negativity we have for ourselves. We hate that we’re not as successful, or as good looking, or as kind, or as nice, or as amazing as all the people we’re laughing at or putting down.

We cannot say something without first thinking about it - so it’s worthwhile to pay attention to negative the things we say, because it’s also an observation of how much focus we’re giving to the critical thoughts we have.

The more focus is given to critical thoughts, whether it’s towards ourselves or other people, the more negative a person we’re likely to become.

If we find that we’re always thinking unkindly about other people, and always feeling compelled to voice those unkind thoughts out, then it’s time to ask ourselves why we do it.

It’s an important question because it has a direct link to our happiness. The only way to truly be happy with ourselves is not to be consumed by negativity, judgement and hatred towards others; because it means that we feel good enough about ourselves to not have to put others down just for that validation.

If we can catch ourselves every time we find ourselves thinking critically of someone, we can try to replace it with something kind, or even better, verbalising that nice thought. Focusing on the kind thoughts in our heads makes us feel good. At the very least, it helps us to be a more positive person, and to truly learn how to be happy, always.


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