India's farmer protests: Grabbing the headlines, taking a stand | The Listening Post

Farmers’ protests in India keep growing despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government’s best efforts to contain the reporting.


Hartosh Singh Bal - political editor, The Caravan India

Manisha Pande - executive editor, Newslaundry

Sandeep Singh - farmer and journalist

R Jagannathan - editorial director, Swarajya

On our radar

Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Flo Phillips about British broadcasting regulator Ofcom’s decision to take CGTN, China’s English-language international news channel, off-air.

Faking spectators and spectacles: Sports TV in pandemic times

Sports stadiums are empty, but broadcasters are bursting with ideas on how to make up for the missing fans.


Gary Hughes - head of Football, Sky Sports

Adam Peri - sound engineer, Sky Sports

David Rowe - Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University

Michael Davies - senior vice president for Technical and Field Operations, FOX Sports

00:00 Intro
02:12 Farmer protests in India
11:40 CGTN license revoked
14:35 Sports broadcasting under lockdown
24:17 Endnote

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