INSANE WATERSLIDES That'll Make You Think Twice!

10 People Who Regretted Their Decision

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Each year, we look forward to summer traditions, like the water park opening up for the summer. As temperatures rise during the hottest season of the year, people gravitate towards the water in the attempt to cool down. Waterslides have become a favorite when it comes to summer fun. What could be better than gliding down a water-filled tube and then ending up in a nice pool of water? Despite the long lines, potential dangers, and the short-lived experience, we continue to enjoy slides to an extreme extent! In fact, the popularity of the waterslide has inspired water parks to continue growth and expansion. Plus, engineers and architects continue to create waterslides that defy physics and gravity. Today, waterslides are getting higher and higher, and they are becoming quite intimidating. The higher something gets, the faster one comes down when it’s time to slide.

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