Inside Story - Can Turkey's military campaign in Syria's Idlib bring peace?

Turkish troops have crossed the border into Syria.

About 100 Turkish soldiers have moved into Syria’s Idlib province in a convoy of armoured vehicles.
Ankara says it is to enforce a de-escalation zone in the war-torn country as part of a deal with Iran and Russia.
But there are suspicions Turkey's real motive is to stop the Kurds extending their territory in the region.
And there is also the matter of a group with former ties to al Qaeda – Hay’et Tharir al Sham - which controls much of Idlib and is vowing to fight to the death.
What does Turkey's involvement mean for the war in Syria and can it help bring unity?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan

Guests: Marwan Kabalan - director of policy analysis at the Doha Institute
Metin Gurcan - columnist at Al Monitor's Turkey Pulse
Douglas Ollivant - senior national security fellow at the New America think tank.

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