Inside Story - Could Iran nuclear deal collapse if US gives it the thumbs down?

“Embarrassment” and “the worst deal ever”. This is how US President Donald Trump has described the nuclear deal between Iran and six countries, including the United States.
But it was signed during Barack Obama's time as president.
Trump has to review it by October 15 and decide if Iran is keeping to its end of the bargain, and whether it serves US interests.
The signatories to the pact say Tehran is complying and they are against scrapping or modifying it.
But the US president says Iran is not living up to the spirit of the agreement.
Could this be the end of the deal?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida

Guests: Foad Izadi - Professor of world studies at the University of Tehran
Hillary Mann Leverett - Former US State Department official
Tariq Rauf - Former head of the Verification and Security Policy Coordination Office at the International Atomic Energy Agency

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