Inside Story - How can the crisis on Manus Island be resolved?

Ten days ago Australia officially withdrew support for the prison camp it has maintained on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island since 2012. The camp is located on the site of a former PNG naval facility. For the last five years, Australia has maintained a policy of detaining refugees intercepted at sea there and at a similar camp on Nauru, rather than allowing them to reach Australian soil. But after Australia withdrew its support for the camp, control is going back to the PNG government.

Citing safety concerns, however, the approximately 600 people living there have refused to leave, despite the rapidly deteriorating conditions. The refugees have been left without fresh water, food or power. Human rights activists are demanding Australia immediately address the worsening conditions.

With the situation worsening by the day, the PNG government is demanding a solution while Australia is denying responsibility. So, what is to be done?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Abdul Aziz Adam - Sudanese refugee on Manus Island

Kate Schuetze - Amnesty International

Ian Cook - Senior Lecturer, Murdoch University.

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