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Venezuela's government has responded with anger to a US threat to impose economic sanctions on senior officials. It has called the threat "brutal" and "imperial".

The measures are aimed at forcing President Nicolas Maduro to abandon a controversial plan to rewrite the constitution. Maduro wants to hold a vote on July 30th for a new assembly.

More than seven million people voted against the proposed changes in an unofficial referendum on Sunday. There are fears it could enshrine one-party rule.

Over the past three months there's been almost daily demonstrations in Venezuela with anti-and pro-government protesters taking to the streets.This has plunged the country into an economic and political uncertainty.

So can the government solve the biggest crisis in decades - or will it be up to the opposition?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Phil Gunson - Senior Analyst with the International Crisis Group.

Antonio Mora - Political Analyst and Lawyer.

Diego Arria - Former Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations.

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