Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of North Korea


Surprising Things You NEVER Knew About Kim Jong-Un's North Korea

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North Korea has been a hot topic lately thanks to political clashes as well as the spotlight being put on their culture. Should you ever want to visit North Korea, you’d be entering a world where you can’t even take pictures freely. Your visit would be micromanaged to the point where you’d only see the positive side of the country, and not even be allowed to make a negative comment without the threat of prison. If that’s how visiting is like, living there must be even more intense. But if you’re part of a wealthy family in North Korea, then you live in a completely different world. In a country where poverty is the norm, being rich makes you a different breed of people with a different set of rules and privileges! With so many rules in North Korea, it’s all about finding the little things that you can use to show off just how much money you have!

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