Introducing LABYRINTH (New Deck and Puzzle Box)

Available now for pre-order at Scam Stuff (units ship first come, first served):
Introducing Labyrinth, our new premium puzzle box from Scam Stuff. Featuring a maze puzzle and multiple ways to solve, Labyrinth holds wonderful treasures for you including Diamond Jim Tyler's new original deck, Bamboozlers Playing Cards. Each card features a different bar bet, stumper, or challenge from Diamond Jim's Bamboozler's series--and you're the only one with the answers! Labyrinth contains two decks plus a set of Diamond Jim's Delta Dice, the classic head-to-head challenge you'll always have a leg up on. Each Labyrinth is individually numbered and the earlier you order, the lower number you'll get! Also includes a mysterious golden ticket that we'll let you discover for yourself.

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This video made by:
Brian Brushwood
Bryce Castillo
David Rowyn
John Rael
Annaliese Martin
Cory Cranfill

Post-production powered by Doghouse Systems
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