Is an election the answer to Lebanon's many challenges? | Inside

Lebanon is a country in crisis.
It suffered an economic meltdown in 2019 and was hit again during the pandemic in 2020.
That same year a horrific explosion, one of the largest in human history, killed more than 200 people and destroyed much of the capital Beirut.
Unable to find accountability for the explosion, the entire government resigned.
Lebanon's current political system dates back to the end of its civil war in 1990 - put in place to bring stability after years of fighting.
From mismanagement to corruption, to outside interference, will Sunday's vote make any difference?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Alia Ibrahim, Co-founder and CEO of Daraj dot com, an independent digital media platform.

Heiko Wimmen, Project Director for Iraq, Syria, Lebanon at the International Crisis Group.

Jamal Ghosn, political commentator and former editor of Al-Akhbar English newspaper.

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