Is France 'sick with sexism'? - The Stream

"France must no longer be one of those countries where women are afraid," French President Emmanuel Macron said last week.

Macron, who believes French society is “sick with sexism”, recently announced that his government would take legal steps toward combating violence against women. His announcement followed a slew of sexual harassment allegations against high-profile men including renowned Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan and Christophe Arend, an MP for Macron's Republic on the Move (LREM) party.

Last month, during a speech to mark the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, Macron laid out his plans to tackle the problem. One initiative that he wants implemented would make gender-based insults, such as catcalling, illegal. While many are cheering Macron’s proposal, some critics are calling it a form of censorship.

Journalist Naomi Firsht believes it will “stymie public interaction between men and women” and has questioned its implementation.
“Who will decide what constitutes an insult? Does a wolf-whistle count? What if a woman enjoys the attention but a bystander decides to report it to the police?” Firsht said.

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