Is it the end for Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani?

The leader of Iraq's Kurdish region will not be extending his term as president. Masoud Barzani had been under pressure to quit, following September's controversial secession referendum.

The secession vote triggered more than ten days of fighting between Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

The region's parliament met in a closed session on Sunday to discuss how to re-distribute powers held by the Kurdish regional president.

In a letter, President Barzani outlined how his role could be divided between the government, the parliament and the judiciary

But does that end the Kurds' struggle for independence? And was it ever a possibility?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Renad Mansour, fellow at Chatham House

Hiwa Osman, an award-winning Iraqi Kurdish journalist

Shwan Zulal, managing Director at Carduchi Consulting

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