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President Trump went to visit the border near McAllen, Texas, today to see the alleged immigration 'crisis. The Mayor of McAllen, Jim Darling, says no such crisis exists.
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VERSHA: We've see what the federal government is doing here. But You As the city government you, you deal with it differently it seems like you have like a different policy and approach.]

Jim Darling: So Republicans gonna come down and they'd go on a gun boat or helicopter and take photo ops in front of those and then the Democrats come down go to that detention center get some photo ops in there with the kids both do press conferences before they leave and go to Washington and not talk to each other. And that's pretty well been. … So that's so. But those images are both negative to us because kids being treated in detention centers people writing gunboats send the wrong message of our area is like on our everyday life.

The crisis to me is in Central America, I mean. I Mean these you even even being separated your mom for a week and I hope it's not longer than that and sleeping on a mat. That's really traumatic to an especially younger younger kid. But the trauma of what's going on in Central America that's making them rethink that making a woman take her 3 year old kid across Mexico and it's not an easy journey and giving up everything to get away from what they're getting away from that. That's that's really tragic. You know a weekend away in- the United States can certainly do better. But the real tragedy to me is is happening there.

We have situations where they have deportations because they didn't say the six they didn't answer the six questions right. For credible fear.

One of the things that I want to emphasize and one reason I go on TV is to show our area has got a heart. I mean people open up their arms to these peo- the people coming cross. And if you saw them- that's what's so important to get down. If You saw them you couldn't- not do anything else. I mean these people were horrific stories of the country. The journey to get here and so you know the right thing into that. So I think people showed that you know we have the area that's understanding has a warm heart. And that's that's what we are. Unfortunately we're Painted differently because of all the publicity in the news media flying in and leaving.

We need to do something in Central America because the unrest and most of those things is fueled or paid for by our drug addiction. Yes absolutely. And so while we have some-- I told you the other day Senator Cruz and Cornyn I have a new staying for it. It's our hemisphere. You know we ought to take care of it better.

You know what we have here. These are the three Central American countries that have consulates here right across the street. Of course the Mexican Consulate, the USA is in the middle. So that's what we like to have is symbolic of what we think is it's our hemisphere and we need to take care of it.'

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