Is there a war between East and West? | Decoded

Is there a secret war on Islam?
Hollywood actor @amrwaked explores how colonisation and Eurocentricity has contributed to the discrimination of Islam and Muslims worldwide.

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Discrimination of Islam
Islam first spread throughout the Middle East absorbing different nationalities, customs, classes and religions. Later, it spread through Asia, India, Africa and the Balkans. Prejudice and discrimination were not common in Muslim societies due to the diversity of their inhabitants. This tradition of tolerance is reflected in the teachings of Islam.

Colonization and Eurocentricity
Eurocentrism (also Eurocentricity or Western-centrism)[1] is a worldview that is centered on Western civilization or a biased view that favors it over non-Western civilizations. The exact scope of Eurocentrism varies from the entire Western world to just the continent of Europe or even more narrowly, to Western Europe (especially during the Cold War). When the term is applied historically, it may be used in reference to an apologetic stance toward European colonialism and other forms of imperialism.[2]

The term "Eurocentrism" dates back to the late 1970s but it did not become prevalent until the 1990s, when it was frequently applied in the context of decolonisation and development and humanitarian aid that industrialised countries offered to developing countries. The term has since been used to critique Western narratives of progress, Western scholars who have downplayed and ignored non-Western contributions, and to contrast Western epistemologies with Indigenous ways of knowing.[3][4][5]
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