Is Your Narrative Making You Unhappy? - Happiness Vlog

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Sometimes, we can do everything right and still be unhappy. Why is that? Watch this! XO

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Study hard, work hard, have a family, and you'll be happy. Who has heard this before?

So many of us grow up with the narrative that if we have a great career, we'll have a happy life. Or if we're in a relationship and someone loves us, we'll have a happy life. Or if we have children and a family, we'll have a happy life.

We believe this narrative so much that when we are unhappy despite having a great career, or when we're miserable in our relationship, or when we don't feel content in our family, we can get incredibly frustrated, resentful, angry and depressed.

It almost feels like, "I've done everything right, dammit! Where is my happiness? Why is my life not like how it's supposed to be?”

Sometimes we think that life is unfair, but fairness only exists because we believe in a narrative that tells us life should be a certain way.

But life is life, there is no "which way" it should be , or which direction it should go. Everything that we believe to be "right" is a narrative that our society, our culture and our family conditioning has given us.

No matter how we believe life should be, the narrative that is closer to the truth is that life is always going to be bumpy, sometimes even earth-shattering in its highs and lows. You can do everything right, or you can do everything wrong, but life doesn't guarantee that you'll be happy or unhappy either way.

Perhaps life isn’t about rewards and punishments, or what we deserve or don’t deserve. Perhaps life is about living it best we can, with no conditions and no rules on how things needs to be for us to be happy.

Always examine what you believe to be true, and if those beliefs are causing you suffering, perhaps they are not the truth you thought they were. Perhaps it's time to change your narrative for a different truth, a narrative that can help you be happy, always!

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