It's Okay To Not Be Okay - Happiness Vlog

Everybody has bad, sad or depressed days. Here's why you don't have to pretend to be happy. X

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Do you have days where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed?

Days where you’re not motivated to do anything and you don’t know why?

Days where your diet and exercise and happiness falls apart, and it’s frustrating because just a few weeks ago you were feeling great about yourself?

One of the hardest things in life to give oursleves, is acceptance. It’s so hard to accept ourselves during the times where we feel that we should do better, but we just can’t. We know what we want - we want to be positive, productive, successful and happy - and we put in so much effort to be that person that we can be so disappointed with ourselves when we’re just not feeling good.

This is why when we are depressed or experience emotions or difficulties that are ‘not normal’, we try so hard to hide it from others. We become like ducks, gliding smoothly on the surface for anyone who can see, but paddling furiously underneath, trying to keep afloat, trying to keep moving.

When we do that, it’s not even about pretending to others that things are okay, we’re trying to convince ourselves that everything is okay. Because we feel like the moment we acknowledge it to ourselves, the moment we accept it, everything’s going to come crashing down, and that’s scary.

This is where all of us have to know that accepting our negativity, sadness or depression is not giving up. Giving acceptance to ourselves is giving kindness. It’s giving understanding. It’s not saying, “You ruined your own life because you stopped trying.”, it’s saying, “It’s okay, breathe by breathe, you can try again tomorrow.”

All of us have experienced moments of deep sadness and negativity, we’ve had days where we feel down without any real reason why. If we can be kind to ourselves during these moments, instead of being frustrated at ourselves, it’s already a step forward.

Moving forward in life isn’t about never taking steps backwards. We move a few steps to he front, and maybe we move many steps back. But that’s not failing, that’s simply living. As long as we keep moving, we are moving forward in life.

Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. The feeling of sadness and the feeling of happiness are part of life. Some days we have more of one, other days more of the other.

When we can give ourselves permission to accept the bad days, the negative days and the depressed days… then we can truly appreciate being alive, no matter the circumstance. And be happy, always.

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