It's Okay To Not Know - Happiness Vlog

Why is there a pressure to know exactly what we want in life? Watch this! Xo

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Why is it that we can make decisions that we know are good for us yet we can keep feeling like we’re so uninspired and unfulfilled?

However our life is right now, whatever our job is and whoever we’re in a relationship with, if we feel discontented yet can’t quite explain why... it’s likely because we don’t know what we want. We also don’t know what we don’t want. 

What can help, is to first take the pressure off ourselves that we need to know right now what we want.

This is because when we keep feeling the urgency to make ‘right decisions’, we’ll be acting out in ways that shows our discontentment. 

At work, we’ll be uninspired and not motivated because we’re not sure if we want to be there and we resent it a little that we’re there ,and we’re also mad at ourselves for not leaving, so all of that accumulates into us being more and more unhappy.

In our relationship, there’s also a manifestation of our discontentment. We’ll feel irritated at the slightest thing and then we’ll feel bad because we know it’s not our partner’s fault.

And because we feel bad and a bit guilty, we also become more defensive and less patient. We keep doing and saying things that test our partner to see if that will give us the answer as to whether we should stay or leave. 

If, however, we allow ourselves to think that it’s okay to not know whether it’s right for us, then we won’t feel so trapped because we know that nothing has to be permanent.

We always feel so unhappy when we’re in a situation that we’re not sure is right because we feel like time is ticking, and life is short, and we need to make the right decision.

It is precisely because life is short that we need to learn to simply experience the situation we’re in - it doesn’t matter whether it’s ‘right’, it matters how we are experiencing something that we’re already in.

When we can fully experience the present moment, without all the fear and the ‘what-ifs’, we’re already fully living life. That’s no better future than right now, so be happy, always.

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