Joe Biden Delivers Remarks on Health Care | LIVE

President Joe Biden is delivering remarks on healthcare access in America before signing various executive actions.
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Pres. Biden is delivering remarks on healthcare access in America before signing various executive actions. A main pillar of Biden’s campaign was protecting and expanding the Affordable Care Act, which he himself was instrumental in passing back in 2010. As one of today’s executive orders, Biden will reopen the insurance markets, opening enrollment for those who lost their jobs and therefore their healthcare during the pandemic. Biden will also call for federal agencies to examine the ACA standards put in place by the Trump administration, like a work requirement for Medicaid recipients, and will sign a memorandum reversing the global gag rule that blocks federal funding to organizations that perform abortion services.

Though former Pres. Trump never really laid out an official health care plan, his administration and other Republican legislators have spent years targeting Obamacare. In November, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could potentially overturn the ACA. Early analysis of the oral arguments, which were made available to the public, finds that the conservative-leaning bench seems open to keeping most of the ACA intact and might only rule in favor of removing the individual mandate. If it was to be fully overturned, more than 23 million Americans would be left without care, and protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions would be stripped.

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