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Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds... discuss people. Here's why gossiping isn't a good idea X

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What do you talk about, when you’re with your friends?

Do you update each other on your own lives, or do you spend your time talking about other people?

Gossiping about others and bitching about people can feel good, but it’s honestly not a particularly good way to spend our time. It’s not wrong, because we have every right to decide what to talk about when we’re with our friends, but the things we talk about reflects our mentality and how we feel about ourselves.

People who are genuinely confident and who lead fulfilling lives don’t spend time gossiping, because there are so many other interesting topics in life to talk about.

There’s usually a lot of judgement, sarcasm and a sense of satisfaction that comes with gossiping about people. We can even gossip and talk badly about people we don’t know personally.

If we find that our catch-up sessions with friends often revolve around gossiping, we have to examine why that is the case.

Is it because we don’t feel good about ourselves, and judging people negatively, help us feel temporarily better about our own lives?

It is because deep down, we envy the success or lifestyle of the person we’re gossiping about?

Or is it because we don’t have anything interesting, witty or intelligent to contribute to a conversation, so bringing ‘the latest gossip’ is our way to bond with our friends, to feel included in the group?

We have to keep in mind that friends who gossip with us… can also gossip about us.

How we spend our time and what we talk about is a great indication of how successful at life we can be. Talking about other people is not a good past-time, because that time can be spent, thinking and talking about how we can be bettering ourselves. No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is. Be so busy living and loving your own life that you have no time for gossips, hatred or negativity. Be truly happy, always.

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