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Letting people in doesn't mean we're going to get hurt. This is why XO

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“When I let people in, they hurt me.”

That is a false statement, because whether the walls we build to protect ourselves are high or low, we cannot escape hurt. Hurt is part of being alive.

Walls don't protect us, they only keeps the light out. When you have walls, you'll miss out on great opportunities - whether it's work, friendships or relationships with people.

When you live openly, you’ll radiate joy, and that kind of brightness draws more joy in. The universe has a way of aligning us with people, things and situations that match the energy we put out.

When you are happy from within, you’ll carry this glow with you. When you are not happy, nobody will be able to see or appreciate that glow.

We will continue to face problems throughout our life, we may get our heart broken and be incredibly hurt, but don’t for one second let any of that rob you of your openness and appreciation towards life.

It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel down. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just remember to always focus on your own growth by living your best life, and you'll see how many amazing human beings you'll meet along the way because you are open.

Even though we cannot escape hurt in life, we can rest with the assurance that we can learn from our experiences and carry our common sense with us.

Don’t let negative experiences stop you from being the bright, joyful person that you are.

Live openly and without fear, that is the best form of ‘revenge’, because we’re doing it for ourselves to be happy, always.

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