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Happiness isn’t measured by success, happiness is measured by the quality of our relationships.

No matter how much we achieve in our career and how well we’re doing financially, there’s always this lack of fulfilment when our relationships aren’t going well.

Having amazing relationships isn’t easy, because us human beings can be the most loving and also the most destructive.

I often find that it's the small things that make a huge difference in the quality of my relationships - how my mood affects my tone of voice, how my tiredness affects my patience and how my discontentment with life makes me react like my relationship is the problem when it really isn’t.

So many people tell us that awareness is good. And it is good, it's just that I don't think awareness is enough. I've been aware of the parts of myself that I didn't like for 15 years, and when I expressed regret or feel bad about how I reacted when I was angry, tired or impatient, family and friends would say, “Oh, but at least you're aware", like the awareness already makes me a better person. But I know it doesn’t.

Because it's not the awareness nor is it the intention that helps us be better, it is the 'doing'. 

We can be the queen of good intentions yet progress so slowly. It wasn't until I knew exactly what I had to practice everyday that I really changed, that my relationships with the people I love changed.

I’ve put everything of what I practice into my 30 day happiness program, where it’s about building relationships and being a better version of ourselves.

It's not like I never have bad days, or that I never get angry - I still do! - but the difference is that now, it happens less frequently and when it does happen, I'm able to turn it around so much quicker than I ever could before. 

It's not about being flawless person. On the days where we do end up behaving badly, because we're human, we can put in actions to turn it around. If you’re thinking about how you can grow as a person and have better relationships, commit to just 30 days of practicing everything in my happiness program and you will see the difference.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you would have no regrets if you were to pass from this world tomorrow. That’s the best we can do, as human beings. The goal is never perfection. The goal is improvement. If you can improve, just a bit every day, then that's already being the best version of yourself.

I hope you're able to live each day of this year with absolute joy and gratitude, without guilt weighing you down or days where you feel bad about your own behaviour. That's what we can all hope for ourselves. To live well and to love well. To be proud of ourselves and be happy, always.

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