Lockheed Martin Is Swinging Space Capsules Into The Ocean To Study Its Impact

To infinity and beyond! NASA's Orion spacecraft will take humans farther than ever before and safety is the number one priority for the mission. Lockheed Martin has been testing Orion for years by swinging space capsules into the ocean. Engineers collect Orion's critical safety data that include heat shield performance, parachute deployment and more. One day, Orion will take astronauts to Mars and will be able to trek for 1,000 days in deep space. Even if it's 4,000 degrees, Orion won't sweat. Orion's shelter protects against radiation storms. In case of emergency, astronauts can always get back home. It can handle speeds up to 2,000 mph and its life support system clears out heat and odor during exercise. The first manned flight could happen as early as 2021.

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