MMA Fighters Who Fought REAL LIFE GIANTS

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What is it about the underdog that we all love? No matter what the scenario or sport, fans always seem to cheer for the little guy who has the toughest path to victory. In the history of modern MMA there have definitely been some one-sided matches. However, the old adage of ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall’ seems to be incredibly true judging by these following 10 MMA fighters who conquered real-life giants. We’ll start off with legendary fighter Royce Gracie who took on a Sumo fighter much, much heavier than himself. James Thompson is no lightweight, but when he went up against Alexandru Lungu, the weight difference was definitely noticeable. If you ever saw Gan McGee in person, you likely wouldn’t want to mess with him. A generally big fighter, McGee was dropped by the smaller Anthony Ruiz in spectacular fashion. Height and reach can be big factors in who walks away from the ring in one piece. Despite being dwarfed by one opponent, Fedor Emelianenko showed size isn’t always important. We’ll look at the time Masayuki Naruse took on a much taller and heavier South African opponent and shocked fans everywhere. When a fighter named ‘Skyscraper’ went up against Mark Hunt, the size difference didn’t look good for Hunt. We’ll tell you what happened. Many didn’t give Ikuhisa Minowa a chance when he squared off against an opponent over a foot taller and more than 100 pounds heavier. Then there’s the story of 7’ 2” Paulo Silva. He’s nicknamed ‘Giant’ for good reason yet tumbled against an opponent far smaller than himself. Emmanuel Yarborough was the heaviest fighter in the MMA. Incredibly, this 600 pound beast was defeated by a fighter who weighed in at less than 200 pounds! Finally, height is always seen as a big advantage in fights. Tall fighters often weigh more and have longer reach. So, when Akio Mori climbed in the ring with a fighter who wasn’t just heavier but taller by nearly a foot and a half, the odds weren’t looking good.

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