Most Insanely Expensive Art Pieces Ever Sold In History

Art is one of the cornerstones of human society. You can tell what was happening in a society during specific times in history, how people felt, what they saw, and more. What do you consider to be art? For centuries, this very argument has been at the centerpoint of the ancient and modern art world. When does a piece go from looking like a finger-painting to becoming one of the most iconic pieces to hit society? Many will say that it’s all in the eye; a trained eye that’s required to identify art and “dub” it as so.

It seems that once a person decides that a piece is indeed art and not just a random sketch or paint splatter, then the rest of the world will follow suit with similar opinions. Once this happens, then the art will continue to raise in value. If it’s an original piece that gets featured in all of the textbooks and other promotional materials, it will just increase the art’s value once more. There’s a joke that says once an artist has passed, the art becomes priceless. And this world is truly unpredictable.

Vincent Van Gogh is the perfect example. He had no idea just how famous his paintings would become once he was no longer of this world. Today, there are modern pieces that have quickly risen in value due to a plethora of factors. This can happen if the piece makes a political statement, destroys itself as soon as its bought, and so many other reasons. Modern art has a lot of competition with the rich history of the culture. This has forced different artists to try new ideas in order to make their stamp onto the world. For example, Jeff Koons’ “Balloon Dog” sold for tens of millions of dollars, even more than your most historical and famous art pieces.

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