Mysterious Creatures That Appeared Out Of Nowhere


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Seeing wild animals can be an incredible experience. But sometimes when they’re far larger than we are, it can seem a little scary! In this video, we’ll show you ten massive animals that shocked onlookers when they made their appearances. Since the mighty krakens of legends, we have always been fascinated by giant squids. Seeing them alive is a momentous occasion, as they are typically only found deep in the ocean. But on Christmas Eve, one squid made a very special appearance. Great white sharks are known for their size, but have you ever seen the footage of the largest one ever spotted? Occasionally, sea creatures wash up on shore in such a state that they’re hard to identify. These globsters, or blobs can be massive and often confusing for the people who find them. While we were all waiting for April the giraffe to have her baby, another more subtle giraffe had a special delivery of her own. Spiders are creatures that so many people fear, but even those who don’t fear them may shudder when we show you photos of a spider lovingly dubbed Charlotte. Construction workers got quite the surprise when they found a nearly 30 foot python on their job site. Meanwhile a whale researcher was thrilled to discover not one, but two blue whales off the coast of New England. We’ll also show you a pod of white orcas, and tell you the tragic story of the gorilla that saved Ringling Brothers Circus.

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