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We don't need to try to be humble. Here's why X

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Don’t be so proud of yourself, be humble!

Yes, even if you’re good, you don’t have to tell people - be humble!

The difference between a humble person and a not-so-humble person doesn’t lie in whether they’re proud of themselves or they know that they’re good - the difference lies in their openness to learning.

The one true fact in life is that we will never stop learning in this lifetime. In fact, the MORE we learn, the more there IS to learn.

The more we know, we find out many more things we don't know. When we’re open to learning, we don't even need to try to be humble. Because the journey itself will show us how little we know, compared to what we think we know; and that's humbling.

We can embrace being proud of who we are and what we’ve achieved yet fully acknowledge that we have a lot more to learn. Or, we can appear humble, but whenever someone offers an opinion or a different perspective, we always think we know better.

Society has taught us to seem humble more than it has taught us what it actually means to be humble. Being humble isn’t a trait we need to adopt or even remember to be. Humbleness comes as a result, not by design. So don’t try to be humble, focus instead on being as open-minded as you can, even if you’re challenged on concepts that you think you already know.

Accept compliments and own your achievements, don’t be afraid to show the world what you're made of. If we never look down on people, and we’re always trying to improve ourselves… that’s humbleness, and more than enough to be happy, always.


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